Do you feel like your relationship with your kid is not as great as you would like it to be? 

Or maybe you had a great relationship before and you wonder if you'll ever get it back? 

Or perhaps you wonder where that sweet child of yours has gone?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I totally get you!

 If you don't know who I am (you can watch the video above or keep reading), allow me to give myself a quick introduction. My name is Teresa and I am the founder of For the Love of Teenagers blog and YouTube channel. I am a life coach for preteens, teens and young adults. I draw from over two decades of experience, discovering patterns of behavior that either benefit us or work to destroy us. This course was made out of popular demand just for you! 


This video course comes complete with a workbook, a total of 8 videos (including a bonus video offering extra resources for angry, depressed and/or anxious kids) as well as two pages of extra resources I have found to be helpful. 



Over the course of my career I have developed tried and true methods of connection that really work!



This workbook helps you put into practice ways to connect and to acknowledge ways that we disconnect (without even knowing it!). It walks you through what we talk about in the videos as well as two pages of extra resources.

mobile devices


You can access these videos from the convenience of your phone.



In these videos I walk this path with you, helping you see what you could be missing and helping you to focus on what's important. There are more tidbits in the videos to add to your workbook.

Pen and paper


I will send you on a fact-finding mission to discover who your child has become so that you can connect better. This research will also aid in helping you to see things that you may be doing that can damage your ability to connect without even realizing it!



We live in stories! My experience comes from a 22-year platform that turned into a very vast classroom- with me as the very curious student. I'd like to offer you insight into the patterns I saw and learned from! 

A Course For All Levels

Connecting can be hard. Maintaining connections is even harder. But it's why we're here, so no matter where you are on your parenting journey this course will give you tried and true methods to connect, as well as show you the ways that you may be creating disconnection without even knowing it.



A Course Based On Experience

This course comes from earning a doctrate in the observation of stupid human decisions, of which I was a student as well! Twenty-two years of experience working with clients and getting to see the ugly truths, beautiful messes and unmistakable patterns changed how I do life in every aspect. I'd like to help you have a better relationship with your child by sharing my lens with you!

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A Word From The Author

“I love your kids! I love their messes as well as their genius minds! I know they can be a struggle, so I'd like to offer you my lens. I'd like to share with you what I've learned being a student of my clients for so long. I'm not perfect, but I bet we can figure this out together!"


Toxic People Exposed!!

In this ebook I provide detailed stories in 4 different scenerios. I tell you the story, then we go back through it together so I can show you what was toxic and why; what will happen if it continues; what it should look like instead, and how to get out of it. This is from my own expert experience as well as over two decades of experience watching my clients lives! promise this won't disappoint. It also comes complete with a video!'s cheap! Even better! :) If you buy now, it's just $7.00!

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How to get from Lost to "I GOT THIS!" 

This course helps confused people of all ages, but especially teenagers and young adults find what they are passionate about, and therefore, what they want to do for college and their career! It is a very indepth video course with a workbook. If you take the time to do the work you will find great things about yourself that you can apply to a bright, exciting future!

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