Toxic People Exposed!

Do you worry your child will have a bad relationship derail their life?

Are you worried about them because they are in one now? Are you in one and don't know how to get out of it?

 Do you have a pattern of rough relationships, but don't understand how it happens? If this is you, I totally get you! 

If you don't know who am (you can watch the video below or keep reading:) Allow me to give myself a quick introduction. My name is Teresa and I am the founder of For the Love of Teenagers blog and YouTube channel born from over two decades of experience being a very curious student of my clients in a vast and exciting classroom. For some reason I always paid close attention and asked a LOT of questions trying to learn and learn some more. What I discovered over the years is how to spot patterns and with those patterns how to discern how they would turn out. You show me a pattern and I will show you how it will turn out with high accuracy! Who am I? I am a hairstylist! If you have a close relationship with your stylist, you know exactly what I'm talking about! We hear it all and I'm here to share with you what I've learned over all these years! For more info, keep reading below!

I created this short, but powerful video & eBook with stories to show you what is toxic, why it's messed up, what will happen if it continues (patterns), what it should look like, and how to get out of it. It's only $20.00! 

Think of this short eBook as your key to being incredibly hard to fool!

What This Short eBook and Video Has to Offer 

This eBook is packed with several stories of HOW toxic & potential abusers interact in everyday life. The reason this is more powerful than just a list is because we don't live in lists. We live in stories. We live in interactions. 


Stories are what make this book come alive with detail after detail you may miss otherwise. I tell four stories and then go back through them with you to show you what was missed, why it was messed up, what it should look like in the first place and how to get out of it.


Toxic and abusive people act the way they do because it works for them. I show you how you can NOT let it work for them when it comes to you. I show you their tactics so you can see right through them!


Many of us don't know how a healthy relationship really looks and functions. We think we do until we have a horrifying relationship on our hands. In these stories I show you "how healthy functions."


Our culture is rich with toxic people masquerading as good people, so it can be very hard to separate toxic from healthy. When you understand WHY a certain behavior is toxic it helps you see the patterns! Patterns are necessary to see so you don't have repeats of bad relationships.

This book will give you a huge headstart in life by showing you what many of us who have survived abuse already know, so you or your child's life doesn't get derailed.”

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Toxic People Exposed
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About Me

My name is Teresa & I founded For the Love of Teenagers blog and YouTube Channel after over 2 decades of watching my clients/friends struggle through one toxic relationship after another. Through their experiences as well as my own story of living through abuse, I can confidently say I'm an expert in spotting toxic & potentially abusive people. My goal is to help as many young people as possible spot them too, so they can avoid what some of us didn't."



In this is a course I put together mainly from complaints such as "my parents just don't get it." I'm a parent too, so you are not alone! :) In this course there are a total of 8 videos including a bonus video of resources for those of you with angry, depressed and/or anxious kids as well as an indepth workbook with two pages of extra resources I have found to be helpful for me. Remember, I got to see the inner workings of the mind of children and their parents so I got to see what the disconnect was. You can always see it so much more clear in the life of someone else rather than your own life, right? I have been so fortunate to learn this insight that I would like to share with you so you can have a better relationship with our child and ultimately everyone in your family! :)

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Have you ever been so frustrated with yourself or your child who does not have an idea of what do for a career? Do you have a child who has changed their minds so many times? Do you have a child you appears to be trying to take short cuts to having a successful life? If you anwered yes to any of these, I totally get you!

I put this video course together just for you!! It is a video course complete with workbook. It is very indepth and if you take the time it takes to do the work involved in this course you or your child will have a much better idea of what is important, what fears are creating a problem, how can you push through them, what can you do to expose yourself to things you're curious about before you make a full commitment, and much more! If this sounds curious to you, just click before for more information!

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